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Podcast Guest Preparation

Before Anything Else 

I'm grateful and excited to have you on the show! 

This primer will get you all set for the interview!

Know Our Audience and Podcast Type 

We designed the show with impact entrepreneurs and their teams in mind. So we like to interview people whose stories would support them. 


Thank you for your willingness to share your stories on the show. The conversation style will be very organic and my goal is for it to be FUN and comfortable for you. All I ask is to keep the audience in mind and think about how you can tell your stories in a way that will make sense for and support them! 


For more context on the format and tone of the show, please listen to one or two episodes.

Conversation Flow and Topics

We usually start with a quick overview of the problem you are working to solve, and what solution you are building. Then we will spend some time on the relevant parts of your journey that led you to choose this problem and solution!

From there we can move in any order through whichever of these topics feel right to us at the time:

  • What kind of impact do you want to create (what problem are you passionate about solving with your company & product and for whom).

  • Challenges, failures, mistakes, and learnings that you have encountered along your journey.

    • Strategic

      • Product or market direction decisions

      • Pivots in product direction

      • etc.

    • Tactical

      • Processes

      • Team

      • etc.

    • Inner game - mental, emotional, spiritual, personal development, leadership learning, etc.

  • Worldview & Forward-Looking View

    • What do you do to keep yourself an optimist despite seeing things that you dislike? Do you think that it is important to maintain some feeling of optimism (the belief that we CAN affect positive change for the future)

    • How we can better serve US, see ourselves as planetary (citizens of Earth), and be better ancestors.

  • Wrap-up questions

    • What is something you think we might see in the next 10 to 20 years that makes you feel excited or at least optimistic? It could be a trend, a technology, ideas, or anything.

    • If you could recommend one book to any purpose-driven leader, what would it be?

Tech & Environment

  1. During Recording; We do use the video for micro-content (for shorts, reels TikTok), but it's a lower priority than the audio. So please do prepare the best lighting and camera you have available (a laptop camera is ok). Lighting tip: avoid lights above your head or behind you. Lights in front of you are best. ​

  2. We'll do the interview using a remote recording platform called Riverside which is much like Zoom, but records in higher quality. The link to the studio will appear in your calendar invite once you've booked the interview.

  3. Please use a PC or laptop during the interview rather than a mobile device.

  4. In case of an emergency or technical issues, I will be in touch via email, so please check there first. If you would like to provide a phone number we can use for WhatsApp that is also very helpful. You may also message me at +639479918281

For us to capture high-quality audio recordings, please prepare the following:​

  • The best microphone you have available

  • Headphones for your speakers so that my voice will be in your ears and not get picked up by your microphone

  • The quietest place you have access to where no one will enter during the interview

    • Bonus points for a room with very little echo. Soft materials and odd angles help this. The most echo would be in a square room with hard surfaces and not furniture. So the more fabrics, rugs, drapes, pillows, etc. the better. 

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